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Alert created on: 03 Aug 2020 n° 177/2020 Romania

Judicial Intimidation Targeting the Romanian Union of Journalists and Daily Newspaper "Libertatea"

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CategoryHarassment and intimidation of journalists
Following the denunciation of irregularities in the management of the Romanian public television station TVR by the Romanian journalists' union FAIR-Mediasind, TVR's management has instructed the law firm Zamfirescu Racoti & Partners to take legal action for defamation against the union and against the journalists of the daily newspaper "Libertatea". The union said TVR had allocated a public budget of 50,742 euros to the law firm to bring these legal actions. FAIR-Mediasind issued a statement on 28 July accusing the director of the TV station, Doina Gradea, of attempting to intimidate and harass the journalists' union.
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24 Sep 2020
Reply from the Romanian authorities
27 Oct 2020
New CoE Human Rights Commissioner calls for “a comprehensive response” to counter SLAPPs effectively.
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