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Alert created on: 17 Jul 2017 n° 75/2017 Azerbaijan

Journalist Detained When Crossing Border Following Travel Ban

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Journalist Kamran Mahmudov was detained when crossing the Azerbaijan-Georgia border on 22 June, 2017. The journalist was first informed he was on the wanted list, but was later told he was under a travel ban. Mahmudov's travel ban began in April, according to the Gazakh police department. The ban was introduced by the Interior Ministry. The journalist was released after several hours in detention in Gazakh. In an interview with Azadliq Radio, Mahmudov said he had travelled to many countries over the last two years and was never told about being under a travel ban. Mahmudov is a former employee of Azadliq Radio and Kanal 13.
12 Dec 2019
In her report following her visit to Azerbaijan from 8 to 12 July 2019, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights regrets that no progress has been made regarding the protection of freedom of expression and calls on the authorities to refrain from imposing arbitrary or disproportionate travel bans and to lift immediately those which are in contradiction with the right to leave the country.
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