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Alert created on: 11 Dec 2018 Greece

A Journalist Dismissed Under the Pressure of Supporters of a Football Club

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CategoryHarassment and intimidation of journalists
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Partner EFJ/IFJ Index
The Greek journalist Vangelis Braoudakis was dismissed on 30 November 2018 by the management of the daily "Ethnos", under the pressure of supporters of the football club PAOK, who publicly claimed his dismissal. On 5 October, Radio FM in Thessaloniki devoted two hours of broadcasting to the violent recriminations of the supporters of the PAOK football club against journalist Vangelis Broudakis, accused of being "an enemy of the club". His dismissal was explicitly claimed on the air. The harassment campaign continued on social networks. "Ethnos" ended up dismissing the journalist. The Journalists’ Union of the Athens Daily Newspapers (JUADN-ESIEA) denounced "this illegal and abusive dismissal", condemning the incessant maneuvers of intimidation of supporters towards journalists.
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