11 Jun 2019 Lvl. 2
Alert created on: 16 Jan 2017 Germany

German Journalists Refused Accreditation for Conference in Koblenz Organised by the European Parliament’s Group of Europe of Nations and Freedom

Source of threatNon-state
CategoryHarassment and intimidation of journalists
Several journalists, including from Die Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung, der ARD-Tagesschau, Das Handelsblatt and Der Spiegel, who have been critical in their reporting about the German party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), were refused accreditation to attend the conference organized by the European’s Parliament’s group of Europe of the Nations and Freedom (ENF) in Koblenz on 21 January. The meeting is to be attended by leaders of the Germany’s AfD, France’s National Front, Dutch Freedom Party as well as Italy’s Northern League.

The Deutscher Journalisten-Verband (DJV) requested fair accreditation for journalists who wish to attend the ENF conference in Koblenz. “When a political group of the European Parliament organises a conference, it is not a private meeting in the living room“, stated DJV-chair Frank Überall. “Parties, which are supposed to contribute to the political decision-making process, cannot exclude journalists from its meetings”. German public broadcaster ARD said that it may take legal action after it was refused access.
New 11 Jul 2019: On 11 June 2019, given the reminder issued by the Federal Data Protection Officer, the partner organisations to the Platform declared this case to be “resolved”, concluding it was no longer an active threat to media freedom.
09 Apr 2019
On 5 April 2019, the Press Conference of Rhineland-Palatinate filed a complaint against the Federal Data Protection Officer against the publication on the Internet of the press cards which the organisation had required, and which included private data.
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