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Kurdish Media Journalists Arrested in Turkey

5 Journalists in detention
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Nedim Oruç, correspondent for the Kurdish press agency DIHA, was arrested on 6 January 2016 by the authorities in Silopi (Turkey) and charged with “doing propaganda on behalf of an illegal organisation”. According to reports in DİHA, Mr Oruç was by force of arms taken to Yenişehir Indoor Sports Hall from a house situated in Şehit Harun neighborhood. According to testimony of eyewitnesses, journalist Oruç was beaten up during his arrest by local police. Media reports say that Mr Oruç is expected to be transferred to Şırnak F-Type Prison.
12 Oct 2018
On 28 September 2018, Mardin 2nd High Criminal Court sentenced Abdülkadir Turay to nine years in prison for "being a member of a [terrorist] organisation” and decided to keep him under arrest.
30 Mar 2017
On 20 March 2017, journalist Ayhan Demir, editor of Çaldıran Haber Ajansi in the province of Van, has been arrested together with several local politicians following a police raid. Based on media reports, the journalist has been arrested for sharing several messages on social networks and is kept in jail at Van detention center since March 2017.
25 Jan 2017
On 19 January 2017, a journalist for the pro-Kurdish Dicle News Agency (DIHA) has been detained by the police based on pictures he took during a September event 2014 event in Ağrı called Peace and Nature festival in which flags and banners of the outlawed Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) were visible. The prosecutor accused Abdullah Kaya of being a member of an illegal terrorist organisation. In May 2017, he was released pending trial but on December 2017, he was sent back to jail by the court of appeal which upheld an earlier guilty verdict. He is currently serving a four-year and two-month prison sentence for being a member of an illegal organisation.
12 Jul 2016
On 1st July 2016, the editor of Demokratik Ulus newspaper, Arafat Dayan, was arrested in Tarsus on charges of alleged violations of anti-terrorism laws. Mr Dayan had gone to the Tarsus District Police Station to renew his driver's license when police found an outstanding warrant for his arrest on charges the newspaper did not specify. Mr Dayan is imprisoned since July 2016 at the Silifke prison in Mersin.
13 Jun 2016
On 10 June 2016, a court of Cizre freed Nedim Oruç on bail of 5,000 Turkish liras, after five months' of pre-trial detention. The court banned Oruç from foreign travel.
06 Jun 2016
Emin Demir, a freelance reporter for DIHA news agency, was detained on 31 May 2016 on the basis of his social media posts on charges of "doing propaganda for an illegal organisation" and "inciting the public to hatred". (According to media report), a Court in Mersin condemned the journalist to 4 years in jail for his posts on social media .
30 May 2016
Five persons including DİHA reporter Abdulkadir Turay taken into custody in Mardin on 5 May 2016 were then arrested on charges of “aiding and abetting an [illegal] organization”. The journalist was arrested together with Kurdish politicians during a house raid by Turkish gendarmerie in Savur district of Mardin province. Turay is in detention since May 2016 at Mardin E Type closed prison.
Journalists in detention

Currently in detention (5):

Ayhan Demir, Abdulkadir Turay, Emin Demir, Arafat Dayan, Abdullah Kaya
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