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Journalists Detained and Assaulted at Inauguration Protests

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Partner Index AEJ EFJ/IFJ
In Russia at least 13 journalists were detained and at least six journalists were beaten during nationwide protests before Vladimir Putin’s inauguration for a fourth presidential term, according to OVD-Info, Mediazona and other media.

In Moscow at least seven journalists were detained (some of them assaulted by police) and five were assaulted without detention. Dozhd TV editor Oksana Gandzyuk, Daily Storm's reporter Ilya Gorshkov and photographer Alexandr Antyufeev were taken to police vans and taken to police departments. Current Time TV reporter Aleksey Alexandrov was detained while reporting live but was released after his documents were checked. Novaya Gazeta reporter Mikhail Grebenshchikov was also briefly detained. Vedomosti photographer Evgeny Razumni was briefly detained, struck by police and had his camera broken. Photographer Aleksandr Osipov was detained and taken to a police department. He was also assaulted.

FederalPress reporter Ivan Zaloznych, MBH.Media reporter Aleksandr Skrylnikov and an unnamed reporter for Znak.com were also struck by police with batons. According to Open Russia human rights activist Polina Nemirovskaya, Skrylnikov was later diagnosed with a pulmonary laceration and hospitalised. A reporter for Agence France Presse was assaulted by activists of pro-government NOD movement (National Liberation Movement), news source The Insider reported. NOD activists tried to assault him while he was interviewing a protester, and later threw stones at him and asked the police to detain him.

A reporter for Komsomolskaya Pravda was beaten by a person dressed as a Cossack, who hit him with a whip and punched him in the face. People in Cossack attire also threatened an unnamed Mediazona reporter, telling him they would break his phone. Cossacks are generally pro-government.

In Saint-Petersburg four journalists were detained and at least one beaten by police. Fontanka.Ru reporter Tatiana Tsipushtanova, Ekho Moskvy reporter Arseniy Vesnin, Dozhd TV reporter Mikhail Nad, Mediazona reporter David Frenkel were briefly detained. A Flashnord reporter was beaten by police during the protest dispersal.

In Yakutsk Egor Karpov, an editor for local newspaper Vtornik, was detained. In Krasnoyarsk journalist Vladimir Perekotiy was detained.D
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