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Jiyan.org Press Correspondent Hayri Tunç Arrested

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Jiyan.org press correspondent and writer Hayri Tunç was arrested as he left home in Bayrampaşa (Istanbul), on 2 January 2016, by police and taken to İstanbul Security Directorate Anti-Terror Department. He has since appeared in court where he was charged with “doing propaganda for the terrorist organisation.” The accusations are based on his postings on social media.
08 Jun 2016
On 7 June 2016, the Istanbul 13th High Criminal Court has sentenced journalist Hayri Tunç to 2 years in prison on charge of “making propaganda for a terrorist organization”. The court has not issued an arrest order. The decision has been brought to the Supreme Court of Appeal. Tunç remains free, pending the Supreme Court of Appeals' ruling on his case. Police arrested Tunç in February. A court ordered him released in March, pending trial.
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