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Alert created on: 22 Jun 2020 n° 165/2020 Slovenia

Reporter Eugenija Carl Receives Threatening Letter with White Powder

Source of threatUnknown
CategoryHarassment and intimidation of journalists
Partner CPJ RSF
Partner CPJ RSF
On 1 June 2020, journalist Eugenija Carl, a reporter for public broadcaster RTV Slovenia, received an envelope mailed to her work address in the city of Koper, which contained a threatening letter and white powder, she wrote in a Facebook post and told CPJ. The anonymous letter called Carl insulting names and said that it hoped for her death, she told CPJ. She said that the powder gave her an allergic reaction, irritating her eyes and making her cough. Police and firefighters quarantined the TV station for several hours before determining that the substance was an irritant but was not life-threatening, her employer reported.

Carl said the letter referenced a defamation suit she and a colleague had filed against Prime Minister Janez Janša, who had referred to them as “retired prostitutes” in a 2016 tweet, according to news reports. On 21 May, Carl and her colleague won the lawsuit, and Janša was required to pay compensation of €6,000, according to those reports.

Carl told CPJ that she has previously received threats, insults, and harassment on social media by Janša’s supporters. She said that she and her colleague had received two similar letters with white powder in 2018.

On 3 March, Janša was reelected to his third term as Prime Minister. CPJ emailed questions to the Prime Minister’s office and the press department of the Ministry of the Interior, which oversees the police, and but did not receive any replies.
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