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Alert created on: 23 Jan 2020 n° 8/2020 Greece

Thomas Jacobi, a Journalist Working for La Croix and Deutsche Welle, Attacked in Athens by Far-Right Protesters

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CategoryAttacks on physical safety and integrity of journalists
On 19 January 2020, Thomas Jacobi, a correspondent of the French La Croix and German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, was attacked by far-right protesters in Athens.

He was hit for over four minutes and was bleeding in the face, until police appeared. According to the journalist, he was attacked because the protesters recognized him. It was the second assault on Mr Jacobi, almost a year since members of the Golden Dawn party attacked him, along with two other journalists, also in Athens. The journalist filed a lawsuit.

The Greek government condemned the attack and promised swift investigation.
State replies
27 Feb 2020
Response from the Greek authorities (Ministry of Citizen's Protection)
11 Feb 2020
Response from the Greek authorities (Ministry of Justice)
23 Jan 2020
Attack against journalist in Greece unacceptable, OSCE Media Freedom Representative urges full investigation
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