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Journalist and Blogger Igor Stakh Beaten in Ukraine

Source of threatUnknown
CategoryAttacks on physical safety and integrity of journalists
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Partner CPJ Index RPT RSF
On 29 August 2019, in Chernihiv, in northern Ukraine, two unidentified individuals kicked and punched journalist and blogger Igor Stakh near his home and then fled the scene, according to local news reports and a statement by the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, an independent trade group.

Stakh was brought to a local hospital where he received stitches for a wound on his chin, was treated for a concussion, and was released, according to those reports.

Stakh told the union that he witnessed the attackers leave in a car and noted the car’s license plate number, but said that local police told him that the license plate information was not important, according to the union statement.

The union and its affiliate in Chernihiv said in their statement that the attack was likely connected to Stakh’s reporting on local corruption, which he publishes on his Facebook page and YouTube channel.
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16 Dec 2019
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Key information :

Igor Stakh

A journalist and blogger based in Chernihiv in Northern Ukraine. He reports primarily on local corruption which he publishes on his Facebook page and YouTube channel.
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