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Alert created on: 30 Nov 2018 n° 134/2018 Ukraine

Journalists Attacked by Far-Right Radicals

Source of threatNon-state
CategoryAttacks on physical safety and integrity of journalists
Partner EFJ/IFJ Index RSF
Partner EFJ/IFJ Index RSF
On 18 November 2018, two Ukrainian and a Canadian journalists have been attacked in Kyiv by right-wing groups participating in counter-rally on Transgender Commemoration Day. The peaceful rally was attacked by mobilised ultra-right groups and was disrupted. People were attacked with teargas, smoke bombs. Among those who were injured there were journalists.
Margareta Bondari, aged 19, freelance journalist with Spilka magazine, was attacked by three men when she was leaving the site and got injuries caused by pepper spray. In the course of the next days, she was personally targeted by Yevgen Karas, the leader of the S14 ultra-right group, through media and social networks. Margareta Bondari was subjected to intimidation campaign early this year when she exposed facts of deliberate arson of Roma houses in Kyiv.
Bogdan Aminov, aged 22, a journalist with Newsone TV channel, was also attacked during the counter-rally. According to him, his official complaint to the police is not being investigated.
Canadian journalist Michael Colborne was also assaulted with pepper spray and punched in the face by two counter demonstrators near a metro station, suffering a swollen lip and cuts on his face from his broken glasses. The Police said they opened an investigation on Michael Colborne’s attack, classifying it as hooliganism.
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15 Mar 2019
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Margareta Bondari

A young freelance journalist who works with Spilka Magazine.
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