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Journalist Hidayet Karaca Arrested

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Partner EFJ/IFJ
Partner EFJ/IFJ
Hidayet Karaca, journalist and Samanyolu Broadcasting Group CEO, is currently being held in Silivri Prison. He was detained on 14 December 2014 during a major media crackdown, just three days before the first anniversary of the massive corruption investigations of 17 and 25 December 2013. The year before the major crackdown on the Samanyolu Broadcasting Group and Turkey's best-selling daily Zaman, the government used all means possible to muzzle the remaining free and independent media to prevent questions about corruption.
11 Jun 2018
On 8 June 2018, the Ankara 4th Heavy Criminal Court handed down aggravated life sentence to Hidayet Karaca, former chairman of Samanyolu TV (STV), on the charge of attempting to overthrow the constitutional order.
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22 Oct 2015
Response of the Turkish Government (information provided by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Turkey)
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Hidayet Karaca
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