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Alert created on: 05 Mar 2018 n° 20/2018 Ukraine

Ukrainian Police Accused of Violence against Journalists, Leaving one Hospitalized

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CategoryAttacks on physical safety and integrity of journalists
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Partner RSF Index
Three journalists were attacked at a protest action in Kyiv on 3rd March 2018. The protesters were asking for the establishment of an anti-corruption court, the introduction of open voting lists and the removal of MPs’ immunity.

Serhiy Nuzhnenko of Radio Liberty\Radio Free Europe got a chemical burn after a police officer attacked him with a pepper spray gas can. He was hospitalized.

Vlad Krasinskiy of Insider was pushed by 2 policemen against the barricades and also suffered from pepper spraying without any preamble. Even though he also had his Press ID in front of him.

Bohdan Kutyepov of Hromadske, who was dressed in an orange "Press" vest, was not allowed to work and was kicked on his leg by a police officer. Wearing the vest, rather than helping, had been the source of constant harassment from the police who kept trying to drive him away, and stop him from filming.
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02 May 2018
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