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Alert created on: 14 Aug 2018 n° 82/2018 Romania

Journalists Beaten by Riot Police During Bucharest Protest

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CategoryAttacks on physical safety and integrity of journalists
Partner EFJ/IFJ AEJ Index
Partner EFJ/IFJ AEJ Index
Several journalists have been beaten by the Romanian riot police during the violent clashes between the police and anti-government protesters in Bucharest on the evening of 10 August 2018. Romanian gendarmes assaulted and verbally attacked with no reason journalists covering the protest around Victoriei Square, in Bucharest. Cases of physical attacks were reported by journalists Robert Mihăilescu (Hotnews.ro), Cristi Stefanescu (DW) and Vlad Ursulean (Casa Jurnalistului), by photojournalists Ioana Moldovan (Documentaria.ro) and Silviu Matei (Agerpres) and by reporter Cristian Popa and cameraperson Cristi Ban (Digi24 news TV). A camera operator of the Austrian public television operator ORF, Robert Reinprecht, was also beaten by the riot police after the square was cleared. The clashes left 452 wounded, including journalists. The Romanian union of journalists MediaSind issued a statement calling on Romanian authorities to sanction "the gendarmes who acted illegally and those who gave the orders."
16 Aug 2018
Greatly concerned by violence against journalists during recent protests, the OSCE representative calls on authorities to swiftly investigate the incidents.
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