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Alert created on: 07 Sep 2015 n° 12/2015 Serbia

Serbian Investigative Journalist Ivan Ninić Suffers Brutal Attack

Source of threatUnknown
Partner EFJ/IFJ
Partner EFJ/IFJ
27-year-old Investigative journalist Ivan Ninić was attacked on 27 August 2015 in front of his home as he was locking his car in the parking lot. Two young men beat him with metal rods. The journalist suffered a hematoma under his eye, severe bruising to the thigh bone and an injury to the right shoulder. The incident, which has been condemned by all journalists’ organisations in Serbia including the three IFJ/EFJ affiliates, the Association of Journalists of Serbia (UNS), the journalists’ union of Serbia (SINOS) and the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia (NUNS), has been reported to the police.

According to Union of Serbian Journalists (UNS), Ivan Ninić has published approximately 300 articles and investigative stories, a large number of which were published on the anti-corruption website Pistaljka. He also participated in the writing of the Anti-corruption Council’s Annual Report on the ownership structure and control of the media in Serbia. Ninić is also the Executive Director of "Center for the rule of law", a Serbian NGO which is about to launch its online platform.
02 Nov 2018
On 2nd November 2018, the partner organisations of the platform decided to transfer this alert to the category of ‘impunity’, based on their assessment of the lack of sufficient progress in the investigation of this case.
State replies
12 Nov 2015
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23 Feb 2018
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09 Sep 2015
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