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Impunity in the Case of the Murder of Dada Vujasinovic

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Partner RSF
Radislava Dada Vujasinović, a Serbian journalist and reporter, was found shot dead at her parents’ home in Belgrade in the early hours of 8 April 1994. Immediately after the body’s discovery, the police said Vujasinović had shot herself with a hunting rifle but the family disputed this, pointing to omissions and inconsistences in the investigation including the failure to question neighbours and analyse evidence found at the scene, and the fact that the suicide ruling was reached without referring to a judge. The family obtained independent expert opinions and repeatedly but unsuccessfully asked the judicial authorities to pursue the case.

Independent reports finally led to the reopening of the investigation but the Serb authorities were incapable of shedding any light on her death. In January 2013, the Serb government supported the creation of a commission of enquiry into the deaths of Vujasinović and two other Serb journalists, Slavko Ćuruvija and Milan Pantić. The commission of enquiry was launched by Veran Matić. But still today, progress has to be made to reach the truth.
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25 Apr 2019
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23 Feb 2018
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