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Romanian Media Regulator Imposes 10-minute Blackout on Realitatea TV

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Romania's media regulator, the National Audiovisual Council (CNA), announced that it was imposing a 10-minute blackout on privately-owned Realitatea TV to punish it for what the CNA said were shortcomings in the news channel's coverage of a mass anti-government protest in Bucharest on 10 August 2018. The suspension of transmission was put into effect during the peak viewing period on the evening of 17 January 2019. According to the CNA's ruling, the Council decided to impose this penalty because an analysis of Realitatea's coverage of the protest showed that it had failed to fulfil its obligation "to ensure that viewers are objectively informed by presenting them with the correct facts". Romanian freedom of expression NGO Active Watch accused the regulator of double standards, pointing out that when the channels Antena 3 and România TV were found guilty of a comparable misdemeanour in 2017, they were merely fined, not taken off-air.
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