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Alert created on: 25 Nov 2016 n° 120/2016 Netherlands

Spanish Journalist based in the Netherlands Victim of Online Death Threats

Source of threatNon-state
CategoryAttacks on physical safety and integrity of journalists
Partner RSF Index
Partner RSF Index
Imane Rachidi, a Spanish journalist living in the Netherlands, has been the victim of very serious death threats on Twitter since receiving an EU award for an article she published on homosexuality in the Arab world in May 2016, in the online Spanish newspaper El Confidential. Ms Rachidi was awarded the European Journalist Award on Diversity on 17 October 2016, and the threats started on 19 October. Ms Rachidi has received such Twitter threats in Spanish, from people warning her they would go to the Netherlands to kill her. The threats have been accompanied by photos of guns, dead bodies, and audio recordings in which a voice can be heard saying "Imane Rachidi, in the name of Allah, we are going after you to Amsterdam". Imane Rachidi tried to lodge a complaint on 20 October, in The Hague police station in the Netherlands. However, the Dutch police refused to register the complaint, because she is a Spanish journalist and the threats are coming from Spain. She was told that the Dutch police had no jurisdiction although Ms Rachidi is a resident in the Netherlands, and the authors of the threats warned her that they would come to the Netherlands to kill her.
06 Dec 2018: On 6 December 2018, considering that the police has rectified its initial assessment and invited the journalist to lodge a new complaint, as indicated in the state reply to this alert, the partner organisations to the Platform declared this case to be “resolved”, concluding it was no longer an active threat to media freedom.
State replies
20 Dec 2016
Reply from the Netherlands provided by the Ministry of Security and Justice
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