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Alert created on: 20 Jul 2018 n° 70/2018 Ukraine

Journalist Extradited from Ukraine to Turkey

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Partner Index EFJ/IFJ
Partner Index EFJ/IFJ
On 12 July 2018, Yusuf Inan, editor-in-chief of news website News2023.com and former editor-in-chief of the Yerel Gündem newspaper and its website, was detained by Ukrainian authorities in Mykolayiv and extradited to Turkey, the Institute of Mass Information reported. Inan left Turkey following an attempted military coup in 2016. The Turkish authorities accused the journalist of being a member of the Gülen movement, which President Erdogan has accused of being behind the failed coup.
Following the recent detention and extradition of Inan, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Harlem Désir, expressed his great concern in a letter to the Ukrainian authorities: “Journalists should not be prosecuted for expressing their opinions and it is of concern that a critical journalist was extradited to Turkey. I ask the Ukrainian authorities to clarify whether his freedom of expression and right to appeal were taken into consideration,” Désir said.
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18 Sep 2018
Reply from the Government of Ukraine
19 Jul 2018
Deportation of journalist from Ukraine to Turkey reason for concern, OSCE media freedom representative says
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