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Two Ukrainian Journalists Sentenced to 9 Years’ Imprisonment for Assisting Separatism

2 Journalists in detention
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Partner EFJ/IFJ
On 28 September 2017 the Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Vasylets and cameraman Yevhen Timonin were sentenced to 9 years’ imprisonment, after being found guilty of assisting separatism by a district court in Zhytomyr. The prosecution ruled that Vasylets and Timonin helped to rebroadcast content from the separatist Novorossiya TV on YouTube.

This sentence includes the two years they had spent in jail since the beginning of the case in 2015. It was read out in absence of the defendants, since Vasylets was removed from the courtroom after criticising the court’s ruling.
22 Feb 2018
On 21 February 2018, the Kyiv Appeal Court overturned the Andrushevskyi District Court of the Zhytomyr Region's decision that found journalists Dmytro Vasylets and Yevhen Tymonin guilty of aiding the activities of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" and inciting ethnic hatred on the basis of procedural flaws. Vasylets and Tymonin were released from custody, placed under house arrest for 2 months and ordered to wear electronic bracelets. The appeal court returned the case to the court of first instance for review .
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28 Mar 2018
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Journalists in detention

Currently in detention (2):

Dmytro Vasylets, Yevhen Timonin
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