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Alert created on: 05 Mar 2018 n° 19/2018 Ukraine

Arson Attack on News Website in Northwestern Ukraine

Source of threatUnknown
CategoryHarassment and intimidation of journalists
Partner RSF
Partner RSF
The arson attack took place on 22 February 2018 on the headquarters of Chetverta Vlada, an investigative news website in the city of Rivne in northwestern Ukraine. According to the police, an unidentified individual walked into the website’s offices in the basement of a building and used two bottles of gasoline to start a fire. The ensuing blaze completely destroyed one of its offices but fortunately none of the four persons present at the time was injured. The arson attack came just five days after the theft of the servers that hosted the Chetverta Vlada site, which is still down.​ ​

The media specializes in exposing corruption. Its recent investigative reporting has included revelations about the illegal confiscation of land and buildings in Rivne’s old town. The site’s journalists say that, as a result of its reporting, the real estate companies involved lost a lot of money and had to be wound up.
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02 May 2018
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