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Alert created on: 20 Apr 2017 n° 42/2017 Armenia

Armenian Journalist Attacked While Covering Parliamentary Elections

Source of threatNon-state
CategoryHarassment and intimidation of journalists
Sisak Gabrielian, a journalist for the Armenian service of Radio Free Europe (RFE), was attacked by activists of the Republican Party of Armenia (HHK), the ruling party in Armenia, while covering parliamentary elections in Yerevan on 2 April, 2017.
The journalist claimed that after he noticed that many voters at a polling station in Yerevan’s Kond quarter were heading to a local campaign office of the HHK before going to a nearby polling station to vote there, and that some of them were leaving with money in their hands, he was forcibly removed from the office. Some of the HHK activists hit him in the face and out took away his mobile phone, which he was using to film the conversation.
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29 May 2017
Reply from the Armenian authorities (Police and the Special Investigative Service of the Republic of Armenia)
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