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Alert created on: 22 Dec 2017 n° 139/2017 Greece

Journalists’ Union ESIEMTH and Two Municipal Media Attacked in Thessaloniki

Source of threatUnknown
CategoryAttacks on physical safety and integrity of journalists
Partner EFJ/IFJ
Partner EFJ/IFJ
On 20 December 2017, a hooded group of individuals tried to enter the building of local TV station TV100 and radio station FM100 in Thessaloniki. They did not manage to go beyond the entrance, but broke the windows and damaged vehicles owned by the media which were parked outside the building. One worker was hit with a crowbar and was sent to hospital for a light injury. The twenty assailants also threw paint, and leaflets with slogans against journalists reading: “A broken TV station for every evening news bulletin” and “Journalists, you ruffians”.

The next day at noon, what appears to be the same group of people attacked the Journalists’ Union of Macedonia and Thrace Daily Newspapers's (ESIEMTH) headquarters. The staff were threatened by around ten hooded assailants and asked not to move as the intruders said that “an intervention (was) about to take place”. They destroyed two PCs, a TV set and other material such as chairs and a printer before leaving the office. Similar leaflets to those thrown on the premises of TV100 and FM100 were found. ESIEMTH told the EFJ that the police has launched an investigation.
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