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Alert created on: 02 Apr 2015 n° 76/2015 Russian Federation

A Reference Information Website Arbitrarily Blocked in Russia

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CategoryOther acts having chilling effects on media freedom
Partner RSF
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Partner RSF
The reference opposition news website Grani.ru has been blocked in Russia since 13 March 2014, along with Kasparov.ru and EJ.ru. The communications regulatory agency Roskomnadzor announced that they “were added to the unified register of banned content at the request of the prosecutor general’s office of the Russian Federation”. It added that Grani.ru, Kasparov.ru and EJ.ru “are disseminating calls for participation in unauthorized mass actions.” Blockings by the prosecutor-general’s office and Roskomnadzor without reference to a judge if websites are deemed to be “extremist” are allowed under the so-called “Lugovoi law”, passed by the Russian Parliament in December 2013. RSF expressed its alarm at the time about the broad and vague character of the concept of “extremism”, which includes calling for unauthorized demonstrations.”
26 Sep 2017
The CoE Commissioner for Human Rights recalls that any restrictions on access to Internet content should be based on a clear and predictable framework affording guarantee of judicial oversight to prevent possible abuses.
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