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Alert created on: 21 Apr 2016 n° 48/2016 North Macedonia

Three Journalists from Kosovo Arrested in Skopje

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CategoryDetention and imprisonment of journalists
Despite being in possession of the necessary accreditations, three journalists from Kosovo from the daily "Express" Artan Haraqija, Leonard Kerquki and Halil Halili, were arrested by the police on 19 April 2016, in Skopje while they were filming the Macedonian Parliament. Police officers arrested them without giving any justification. They were held in a police station in Skopje, before being released three hours later. The Association of Journalists of Kosovo (APJK) denounced the detention, citing it as arbitrary. The three journalists, who, following their release, immediately returned to Kosovo, were in Macedonia to make a documentary about police violence against ethnic Albanians in Kumanovo.
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31 Aug 2017
Reply from the Ministry of Interior of “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”
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