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Alert created on: 22 Apr 2015 n° 23/2015 North Macedonia

Macedonian Journalist Faces Death Threat

Source of threatUnknown
CategoryAttacks on physical safety and integrity of journalists
On 21 April 2015, Borjan Jovanovski, prominent journalist, editor and founder of Novatv.mk received at his home in Skopje a death threat in the form of a funeral wreath with the words ‘last goodbye’ on it. The wreath was brought by an unknown man claiming to bring it in the name of Todor Aleksandrov, a controversial hero celebrated by the ruling party, VMRO DPMNE.
This gesture follows a multitude of other death threats Mr. Jovanovski and his family, who counts other journalists, has been receiving over the past years, both via emails and social media, but also at prominent TV shows.
The European Federation of Journalists believes that the ruling party has for years created an atmosphere of hatred toward independent journalists labeling them as ‘traitors’ or ‘foreign spies’. Hate speech from TV personalities has never been condemned politically by the ruling party nor has any legal procedure been undertaken.
State replies
31 Aug 2017
Reply from the Ministry of Interior of “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”
22 Apr 2015
Statement by Commissioner Nils Muižnieks
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