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Alert created on: 03 Nov 2016 n° 116/2016 Croatia

Car of Croatian Journalists' Association President Appears to Have Been Deliberately Sabotaged

Source of threatUnknown
CategoryAttacks on physical safety and integrity of journalists
Partner EFJ/IFJ CPJ Index
Partner EFJ/IFJ CPJ Index
On 27 October 2016, the President of the Croatian Journalists’ Association (CJA), Saša Leković, escaped a potentially serious road accident after his car appeared to have been tampered with. He was driving on a motorway when his car started shaking and swerving. He was able to stop the car and found out that the right front wheel was twisted and two screws had been half-sawed.

This event follows many threats against the CJA president and other CJA members and editors. According to the CJA, Saša Leković has been the constant target of certain online portals and of hate speech campaigns, with a number of comments openly calling for his murder since his election as a president of the Croatian Journalists’ Association in 2015.
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