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Spanish Public Security Law Threatens Freedom of Press

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Partner EFJ/IFJ
Partner EFJ/IFJ
The Public Security bill was adopted on 26 March 2015 by the Spanish Parliament on the proposal from the People’s Party (the right wing conservative in power). The bill is hostile to press freedom and allows government to sanction journalists for taking pictures or filming police forces in the exercise on their duties.
Article 26 of the bill provides that “unauthorised use of pictures, films or personal/professional data of authorities or members of security forces will be considered as serious offence because they could put their personal or their family’s security in danger.” The sanction provided for is a fine of 601 to 30 000 Euros.
The Platform for the Defence of Freedom of Information (PDLI), of which the Spanish Union of Journalists (FESP) is a member, has stated that: “The passage of this bill represents the worst attack on fundamental freedoms in Spain since the end of Franco dictatorship. There’s no democratic ground to such a direct attack against freedom of demonstration, information and expression.
23 Nov 2018
CoE Human Rights Commissioner urges Spain to ensure that the Law on Citizens’ Safety upholds the rights to freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly.
23 Oct 2015
PACE Monitoring Committee asks the Venice Commission for an opinion on the Citizen Security Law.
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