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Alert created on: 20 Apr 2020 n° 42/2020 Poland

Polish Clothing Company LLP Files Lawsuit against two Polish Journalists for Newsweek Poland Article

Source of threatNon-state
CategoryHarassment and intimidation of journalists
Partner Index Article 19 EFJ/IFJ IPI
Partner Index Article 19 EFJ/IFJ IPI
On 22 March 2020, Polish journalists Wojciech Cieśla and Julia Dauksza published a story in Newsweek Poland reporting that the clothing company LPP had sent several hundred thousand protective masks to their contractors in China to supply the factories sewing LPP clothes. LLP claim that this was to help the areas most affected by Covid-19. In the article, which was published online, Cieśla and Dauksza reported on how LPP's actions had deprived ordinary people in Poland of access to masks during the Covid-19 crisis.

After publication, LPP declined the right to reply to the article but released a statement on the same day declaring the content to be untrue and misleading to the public. The statement was published in full on the Newsweek website. Cieśla and Dauksza’s response to LLP’s statement was published on the site at the same time.

On 14 April, LLP released a press statement announcing that it had filed a lawsuit District Court in Gdańsk for the protection of personal rights against the publisher of the Newsweek weekly - Ringier Axel Springer Polska, editor-in-chief of newsweek.pl - Aleksandra Karasińska and authors of the publication - Wojciech Cieśla and Julia Dauksza. The statement says that "this is the result of the editorial team disseminating false statements and suggestions regarding actions taken by LPP related to the purchase of protective masks for people affected by the Covid-19 epidemic in China at the turn of January and February 2020." According to the press release, LLP are seeking damages of 3 million Polish złoty or nearly one million Euro.

Neither Newsweek nor Cieśla and Dauksza have been directly informed of the lawsuit and have no information about the lawsuit other than what is contained in LLP’s press release.
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12 May 2020
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