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Alert created on: 03 Jun 2016 n° 60/2016 France

Journalists Victims of Police Violence During Demonstrations

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CategoryAttacks on physical safety and integrity of journalists
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Partner EFJ/IFJ AEJ Index
An upsurge in police violence against journalists has been observed since mid-May during demonstrations against the new labour laws. On 17 May, Joël Labat, cameraman, was the target of a teargas grenade shot at close range. On 26 May, an independent photographer was seriously wounded at the end of a demonstration in the vicinity of the Court of Vincennes, hit in the head by a sting grenade. On 31 May, in Rennes, a photographer was forced under threat to wipe his equipment clean of images. On 2 June in Rennes, the forces of order were violent with four journalists and damaged their equipment: Vincent Feuray, an independent photographer, Jérémie Verchère, photographic journalist and Bruno Van Wassenhove, a cameraman for the television channel, France 3, were beaten with truncheons. A reporter from the private television channel M6, was also thrown to the ground. These journalists could all be clearly identified (Press cards, helmets and branded cameras). They claim to have been deliberately attacked by the police.
18 Feb 2019
On 15 January 2019, the Rights Defender, seized by the Press Club of Brittany, requested sanctions against a police officer who hit a journalist out of context during anti-labour law demonstrations.
15 Jun 2016
Recent police violence against journalists during demonstrations in France disturbing, says OSCE Representative

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