22 Mar 2019 Lvl. 2
State replied
Alert created on: 21 Jan 2019 n° 13/2019 Italy

Editor-in-chief of News Channel LA7 Receives Threatening Letter Signed with Swastika

Source of threatUnknown
CategoryHarassment and intimidation of journalists
Partner Index EFJ/IFJ
Partner Index EFJ/IFJ
The editor-in-chief of news channel LA7, Enrico Mentana, received a threatening handwritten letter signed with the Nazi swastika and a slogan associated with the fascist era in Italy. Mentana posted a picture of the letter on Instagram on 16 January 2019. In it, the anonymous author accuses the journalist and his LA7 colleagues of being "part of a repository of communists” and labels their work as “nauseating”. “We will soon punish you,” the letter continues. “We know everything about you. You are nothing but cowards without balls. It is a duty to punish you.” The letter also contains sexist insults directed at the female LA7 journalists Francesca Fanuele and Lilli Gruber. It has been condemned by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and other political leaders.
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