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Alert created on: 24 Jan 2018 n° 6/2018 Slovenia

Slovenian Media under Police Pressure to Reveal Journalistic Sources

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CategoryOther acts having chilling effects on media freedom
Partner EFJ/IFJ
Partner EFJ/IFJ
In August 2017, online news platform Pod črto published a series of articles about the police investigations into the dealings of Ljubljana’s mayor, Zoran Janković.

The articles were based on documentation obtained through a freedom of information request made to Slovenia’s Specialised State Prosecutor's Office. After the publication of the articles, Janković filed a criminal complaint against two employees at the prosecutor’s office. Based on the complaint, on 18 December the Slovenian police asked Pod črto to provide the documents from the prosecutor’s office and the email correspondence between the newspaper and the prosecutor’s office. Pod črto declined, wishing to protect their sources. Due to this, Pod črto’s editor-in-chief received police summons on 10 January 2018 to testify as a witness in the case.

Pod črto states that they will meet with police on 26 January 2018, but they remain committed to protecting their sources.
State replies
28 Mar 2018
Reply of the Republic of Slovenia (information provided by the Ministry of Interior)
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