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Alert created on: 15 Mar 2016 n° 38/2016 North Macedonia

28 Media Workers Detained and Fined for Illegal Border Crossing

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CategoryDetention and imprisonment of journalists
Partner Index EFJ/IFJ
Partner Index EFJ/IFJ
On 14 March 2016, Macedonian police arrested around 28 journalists and photojournalists who were accompanying a group of refugees that were illegally trying to enter Macedonia from Greece, Deutsche Welle reports. Referencing to Twitter posts from the detained journalists, Deutsche Welle reports that the media workers were temporarily held and fined 250 Euros for illegally crossing the border. Macedonian media outlet, Nova TV reports that the journalists were fined 510 Euros.

According to the Athens News Agency, the journalists were not exactly aware of their location while following the refugees. At the border, the journalists were reportedly taken to the Macedonian village of Moin and then sent to the police department in the town of Gevgelija. The majority of the journalists detained were from Greece and Germany, while a few were also from Macedonia.
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31 Aug 2017
Reply from the Ministry of Interior of “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”
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