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Alert created on: 27 Oct 2015 n° 86/2015 Montenegro

Police Used Teargas Against a Group of About 30 Journalists

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CategoryAttacks on physical safety and integrity of journalists
Partner EFJ/IFJ
Partner EFJ/IFJ
On 24 October 2015, riot police in Montenegro fired teargas at a group of around 30 journalists covering a protest of the opposition in Podgorica. The police targeted journalists despite the fact that they had yellow vests with the 'press' emblem on them provided by the ministry of Interior. According to board members of the Trade Union of Media of Montenegro (Sindikat medija Crne Gore, SMCG), the police deliberately threw massive amounts of tear gas at a group of about 30 journalists who had fled a little away from the parliament building. Several journalists were badly injured on 24 October 2015, one journalist has been burned by tear gas shells while some others were attacked by demonstrators. Stones were thrown at TV Pink M because demonstrators did not agree with the editorial policy of the media considered as to close to the government. In a written statement, the Trade Union of Media of Montenegro has strongly condemned the use of teargas against journalists. The statement also asks for an “internal investigation” into whether the police overextended their power.
30 Nov 2015
Montenegro Council for Civil Control of Police acting upon the complaint of the Union of media of Montenegro adopted its conclusions about police treatment towards a group of journalists after demonstrations in Podgorica on 24 October 2015.
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16 Nov 2015
Reply of the Ministry of Interior of the Goverment of Montenegro
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