Ahmet Altan and Mehmet Altan Detained for Words Used on TV

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Year 13 Sep 2016 Country Turkey Category B. Detention and imprisonment of journalists Source of threat State Partner EFJ/IFJ , Article 19 , AEJ , RSF Alert level Level 1
13 Sep 2016 Turkey B. Detention and imprisonment of journalists State EFJ/IFJ , Article 19 , AEJ , RSF Level 1
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On 10 September 2016, Ahmet Altan (journalist and writer) and his brother Mehmet Altan (professor and journalist) were detained by Turkish authorities for the words they used on the "Özgür Düşünce" programme that was broadcast on Can Erzincan TV on July 14. According to the Anadolu Agency, both journalists are accused of "delivering subliminal messages evoking the coup" and they gave "the impression that they already knew about the coup". Because the prosecutors in charge of the case are currently on holiday, no access to files has been granted to their lawyers and an appeal procedure against the detention has been refused to both defendants. Alert : 2 detentions


New 16 Feb 2018 : On 16 Febuary 2018, the Altan brothers were handed aggravated life sentences.
16 Jan 2018 : On 15 January 2018 Istanbul's 27th High Criminal Court rejected Mehmet Altan’s appeal for release.
12 Jan 2018 : On 11 January 2018 Turkey`s Constitutional Court ruled to release Mehmet Altan. His release was halted by Istanbul`s 26th High Criminal Court, which announced that his detention would be reviewed after the Constitutional Court’s reasoned decisions were formally communicated.
17 Nov 2017 : On 13 November 2017, the third hearing in the Altans case took place in Istanbul. The judge dismissed the Altans’ entire defence team, on the grounds that they were in contempt of court. The case was not adjourned, and the Altans, who were not present in court but observed the proceedings via video link from Silivri prison, were forced to represent themselves.
12 Jan 2017 : The Altans legal team has applied to the European Court of Human Rights on 12 January 2017 to challenge the journalists continuing detention. The Altans are still waiting on applications lodged with the Turkish Constitutional Court on 8 November 2016.


New 16 Feb 2018 : Life sentences for Turkish journalists are an unprecedented, unacceptable attack on freedom of expression, say OSCE representative on Media Freedom.
19 Jan 2018 : The Council of Europe Secretary General refers to the recent decisions of Turkey’s Constitutional Court in his address to the Committee of Ministers
19 Oct 2017 : On 10 October 2017, the Commissioner for human rights intervened before the European Court of Human Rights in cases concerning the detention of journalists and freedom of expression in Turkey
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