Criminal Case Opened against Turan Independent News Agency in Azerbaijan

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Year 21 Aug 2017 Country Azerbaijan Category B. Detention and imprisonment of journalists Source of threat State Partner Article 19 , CPJ , EFJ/IFJ , Index , RSF Alert level Level 1
21 Aug 2017 Azerbaijan B. Detention and imprisonment of journalists State Article 19 , CPJ , EFJ/IFJ , Index , RSF Level 1
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On 7 August 2017, Azerbaijan's tax authorities opened a criminal investigation against Turan, an independent news agency. Turan is accused of under-declaring profits since 2014 and faces a fine of over 37,000 manat (18,000 euros) in back taxes and other charges. The agency denies the allegations and has referred the matter to a Baku economic administrative court. They believe the proceedings are part of a government-orchestrated campaign to limit the organisation's critical reporting. They have faced similar allegations in the past, and an audit conducted previously demonstrated that they were complying with their tax obligations. Although Turan agreed to cooperate with the authorities and to provide them with the requested financial documentation, Turan’s office was raided by tax officers on 16 August. The following day, the authorities announced that they had extended period covered by their investigation and requested the agency's financial records since 2010. Turan is considered by many media freedom organisations as one of the last remaining independent media outlets in Azerbaijan.


02 Nov 2017 : On 2 Novembre 2017, the criminal case against Turan news agency was closed and charges against Mehman Aliyev dropped.
11 Sep 2017 : On 11 September 2017 Mehman Aliyev was released from pre-trial detention and placed under house arrest.
30 Aug 2017 : On 30 August 2017, the Baku Court of Appeal confirmed Mehman Aliyev's pre-trial detention.
25 Aug 2017 : On 25 August 2017 Mehman Aliyev was sentenced to a three-month pre-trial detention.Turan news agency has announced that it will suspend its operations starting from September 1 as a result of Aliyev`s arrest and the agency`s bank accounts being frozen.
24 Aug 2017 : On 24 August 2017, Mehman Aliyev, director of Turan news agency, was detained by the authorities as a suspect in a tax-evasion and abuse of power investigation.


13 Sep 2017 : PACE monitors react to release of Mehman Aliyev in Azerbaijan.
11 Sep 2017 : Statement by the Spokesperson of the Secretary General on the release of Mehman Aliyev
11 Sep 2017 : OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media welcomes release of Azerbaijani journalist Mehman Aliyev, calls for all charges to be dropped.
11 Sep 2017 : Volodymyr Ariev, PACE General Rapporteur on Media Freedom and the Safety of Journalists, welcomes the release of the Director of Turan agency Mehman Aliyev.
31 Aug 2017 : CoE Commissioner for Human Rights dismayed at last blow to media freedom in Azerbaijan: Turan news agency Director Mehman Aliyev detained and announced suspension of agency operations.
25 Aug 2017 : CoE Secretary General calls on the authorities in Azerbaijan to respect the spirit of the country’s cooperation with the Council of Europe and to fully abide by its commitments under the European Convention on Human Rights in order to avoid yet another case of unjust deprivation of liberty which has no place in a democratic society.
25 Aug 2017 : PACE co-rapporteur on Azerbaijan (Sub-Committee on Conflicts between Council of Europe Member States) calls for the immediate release of Mehman Aliyev.
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