What about our Key courses? What about our Key courses?

Image of a key against digital background - Credits: Shutterstock.com


The Key Series of short courses developed by the Council of Europe Education Department aims to provide key information on topics that are within the focus of the Council's education programmes.

The Key courses will enable you to obtain basic information on topical issues and emphasise why it is important to deal with these issues in educational environments.


8 key courses are available:

  • The Key to Competences for Democratic Culture
  • The Key to Democratic School Governance
  • The Key to Understanding Social Media, Democracy and Human Rights: A Guide For Educators
  • The Key to Teaching Democratic Competences For Social Media
  • The Key to Using Social Media as an Educational Tool for Democracy
  • The Key to Media Literacy
  • The Key to Dealing with Controversial Issues
  • The Key to Preventing Cyberbullying

The key courses can be found here