The integration of migrants and the impact on it of their acquisition of competence in the language(s) of the host country are a focus for political debate and policy initiatives in a growing number of Council of Europe member states, as is demonstrated by the surveys carried out to date by the Council of Europe.

Obiettivi principali

  • Fornire assistenza agli Stati membri per lo sviluppo di politiche coerenti ed efficaci, anche volte a riesaminare quelle già esistenti, in linea con i valori e i principi condivisi del Consiglio d'Europa.
  • Fornire un sostegno concreto per la corretta attuazione delle politiche in tema d’immigrazione.
  • Incoraggiare le buone pratiche e l'alta qualità, in particolare nell’erogazione dei corsi di lingua e nella valutazione delle competenze linguistiche.
  • Offrire una piattaforma che consenta agli Stati membri di scambiare esperienze e riflettere su politiche e prassi in tale settore.

In sintesi lo scopo di questo sito, sviluppato con l'aiuto di un gruppo di esperti in vari campi, è quello di offrire uno strumento pratico, attraverso cui poter condividere risorse utili in maniera accessibile.

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The Language Policy Unit would like to express its thanks to the ALTE members (LAMI Group) who contributed the translations of certain sections of the LIAM website, making it possible to create this multilingual version. Translations are available in the following languages: Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian and Slovenian.

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Language Support for adult refugees: a Council of Europe toolkit. Leaflet

A website in 7 languages: 

Launched at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg (22-23 November 2017)

LIAM SYMPOSIUM: the publication 
Published by De Gruyter Mouton for the Council of Europe  (ISBN 978-3-11-047749-8)

The linguistic integration of adult migrants: lessons from research /
L'intégration linguistique des migrants adultes : les enseignements de la recherche

Bilingual Abstracts are available separately

This publication is the follow-up of the LIAM Symposium (Strasbourg, 30 March-1 April 2016). See the  Programme and Abstracts of  presentations

 Refugees need language – how can volunteers give support?
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Key term section

Scenarios in language teaching and learning for adult migrants


Final Report on the 3rd Survey on language policies for the integration of adult migrants


Report of the 3rd intergovernmental conference on Quality in the Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants (LIAM): from values to policy and practice.


Extracts from Council of Europe Conventions, Recommendations and Resolutions concerning Integration of Adult Migrants and Education (1968-2015)


Key terms section Key terms section

Selection of key terms linked to short papers discussing concepts and approaches or introducing tools

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