What do you do?

I belong to a management and administrative support team with the task of assisting the Turkish legal divisions in the Court Registry in the handling of applications concerning Turkey.

A divisional assistant acts on a daily basis in all the Court's areas of operation, which can range from receiving and informing an applicant to the final correction of a judgment, or drafting and managing correspondence with applicants and governments. Our input is usually discrete but recognised nonetheless.

What do you like about your job?

What I like most about my work is that each day I encounter new situations and new questions, for which I have to provide or suggest suitable solutions. It's a very varied occupation which leaves a lot of room for personal initiative and responsibility, and in which the sense of communication, relational skills and spirit of co-operation play as important a role as technical knowledge.

Tell us briefly about your background

Before joining the Council of Europe, I worked as an administrator in the tourism and hospitality sector after my legal studies. This professional experience and my earlier training were helpful to me in quickly finding my place in the Organisation.

Would you recommend working at the Council of Europe?

I would not have a moment's hesitation in encouraging anyone interested to apply for the jobs offered by the Council of Europe, because there are still plenty of high-quality professional prospects for future job applicants motivated by the international civil service.

It's also worth noting the respect of wage parity between men and women and the fair treatment given to every future candidate in the fields of recruitment, vocational training and career advancement, which is not intended solely for young people as we sometimes see in today's society.