The importance of migrant entrepreneurship to local development

Strasbourg, France 25 July 2019
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The importance of migrant entrepreneurship to local development

The Intercultural Cities (ICC) programme has launched a series of didactic and awareness videos addressing local governments wishing to evolve as intercultural municipalities. The videos give insights on how to adapt cities’ institutions and services to the needs of a diverse population by implementing intercultural integration strategies that guarantee equal opportunities for everyone, without ever compromising the existing principles of respect to human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

Migrant entrepreneurship can give an important contribution to local and national economic development; in addition, the role of migrant entrepreneurial initiative can become a key pillar for their social integration.

What are the characteristics of migrant entrepreneurship? Which are the main barriers migrant entrepreneurs have to face? how can cities promote migrants’ skills and knowledge development?

This video, the third and last of the series, will introduce policy makers, practitioners and local authorities’ technical staff to the main principles of the intercultural approach to migrant entrereneurship.

Video (+ shorter version)

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