Odessa as an Intercultural Harbor

Odessa as an Intercultural Harbor

The II Annual Coordinators Meeting of the Ukrainian ICC Network started in Odessa, On 18-19 April, with the signing of the ICC-UA Memorandum with the mayor of Odessa Mr. Gennady Trukhanov. Odessa, located on the Balck Sea shore, is the first city in Ukraine with a million population to join the ICC-UA Network. More than 130 different nationalities live in the city that looks at its cultural diversity as a source of economic development and inspiration. The most recent example of this is the side-by-side establishment of two city parks – Greek and Turkish – in the central area of Odessa, designed following the suggestions and agreement of the representatives of both cultures. The parks will officially open in May 2017.

Odessa considers it important to become a member of the ICC-UA Network and highly values the opportunities provided by the Programme to expand the range of international contacts and intercultural competence, to exchange resources, receive expert support, advice and know-how of European and national ICC networks.

"Odessa is a city of peace and tolerance. We treat the representatives of all nationalities living in our city with deep respect. And we are ready to become an international platform for showing an example of cultural diversity and intercultural integration. In Odessa, we have some success stories in this regard, and we are ready to share our experience" said Gennady Trukhanov, the Mayor of Odessa. The participants in the meeting agreed that Odessa can be rightfully called the intercultural harbor of Ukraine.

Following the signing of the ICC-UA Memorandum, the II Annual Meeting of the Ukrainian ICC Network (Lutsk, Melitopol, Odessa, Pavlograd, Sumy, Vinnitsa) continued its work. The cities-member of the Ukrainian network reported on their intercultural activities; the ICC-UA Network Action Plan 2017-2018 was designed and approved with active participation of the local coordinators. The coordinators highlighted the importance of working together on internal (within the country) common projects within the intercultural framework. The city of Odessa suggested to host a Workshop on “Tourism 4 Social Enterprise” to be held planned by the end of September 2017.

On April 19, a "Workshop on the ICC-UA Guidebook Development” was held with the participation of the ICC-UA coordinators and of selected co-authors, to start drafting the ICC-UA Network manual which would explain the principles of the ICC Programme, include practical information on the Network functioning as well as on the cities’ best intercultural practices. A clear work schedule for the Guidebook development was prepared and tasks assigned as a result of the workshop.

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