ICC Strategy development in Vinnytsa, ICC-Ukraine

Vinnytsa, Ukraine 22-23 May 2017
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ICC Strategy development in Vinnytsa, ICC-Ukraine

An Intercultural cities Strategy training was organised on May 22-23 2017 following Vinnytsa’s 10th anniversary of the Europe’s Day celebration. The Europe’s Day tradition was established by the former Vinnytsa’s Mayor and the current Prime Minister of Ukraine Mr. Volodymyr Groysman and is regarded as a testimony of the city’s openness, international enthusiasm and approval of the European values. Many high level officials from Ukrainian national government attended the event including the Prime Minister who took much interest in the intercultural engagement of Vinnitsa  as a basis for it "Concept for Integrated Development 2030".

The 2-day training featured the introductory lecture by Kseniya Rubicondo “the ICC Index as a tool for ICC Strategy performance measurement” that grew into an interactive workshop on “How to move from ICC Index to an efficient ICC Strategy.” Ten key focus areas of “Vinnitsa City Concept for Integrated Development 2030” were also discussed during the workshop in line with the 14 ICC policy dimensions. In order to further engage the city officials, five core questions were put in front of the training participants at the end of the first day of training to trigger thinking about their vision of intercultural Vinnytsa and the contribution they could make for a more intercultural community. On day two, Paul Chapman took this as the basis for another training session. Having had an opportunity to think through the questions the day before, the participants were invited to expand their ideas in order to obtain some concrete proposals and achievable actions as an outcome.

According to Vinnytsa local ICC coordinator, the inputs were collected from all training participants and some civil society organizations. The results are currently ongoing content analysis, based on which the city will appoint a Working Group to identify concrete operational goals, tasks and initiatives that would comprise the ICC Strategy Vinnytsa.

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