Reasserting the role of organised civil society as an active player in the field of democracy

Our body within the Council of Europe brings together 350 INGOs with participatory status. Our strength is based on the expertise of each INGO and of the national NGOs which contribute to our work.

We work to strengthen citizens' access to rights where the economy of exclusion and injustice are a form of violence against civil society and in particular the most vulnerable groups.

The main aim of our activities is to honour our commitment to ensuring that human rights, and consequently also social and cultural rights, are applied in member states’ legislation and in their daily practices. With a view to achieving this objective, we work together with the other bodies of the Council of Europe and governmental and intergovernmental institutions.

Your activities contribute to:

  • emancipating civil society and reinforcing its participation in decision-making processes.
  • building a society that knows how to use its freedoms and turn them into social bonds and respect for the state and its institutions.

I extend a warm welcome to all of you!

Anna Rurka
President of the Conference of INGOs



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