Conference of INGOs at the World Forum for Democracy

Is democracy in danger in the information age?
Strasbourg 4 November 2019
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Conference of INGOs at the World Forum for Democracy

The 8th World Forum for Democracy will be held in Strasbourg from 6 to 8 November 2019.  Labs, forum talks and plenary sessions will address the question "Is democracy in danger in the information age".  Participants hope to find some responses to the challenges we are facing in a world where information is changing dramatically, where traditional media are now supplemented by, competing with and often overshadowed by websites, blogs and social media, and where with a single click, information is shared, without any filters and without any control.  In a world where speculation is often much more exciting than reality.

The Conference of INGOs together with International Media Support is holding a forum talk which looks at the "fake news" phenomenon, and explores the role of institutions and journalists in combatting “fake news” and promoting robust, fact-based reporting.


World Forum website

Forum Talk 2 "Disinformation and fake news": Thursday, 7 November, 9h-11h, Palais room 7


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