39th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (“ICDPPC”)

25-29/09/2017 Hong Kong

The 39th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (“ICDPPC”), is taking place from 25 to 29 September 2017 in Hong Kong. As the annual global forum for data protection authorities, the Conference seeks to provide leadership at international level in data protection...

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Council of Europe Crystal Scales of Justice Prize 2017 - Publication of the final selection

25/09/2017 Strasbourg

The European “Crystal Scales of Justice Prize”, awarded by the Council of Europe, allows discovering, highlighting and sharing innovative practices aimed at improving the efficiency and quality of judicial systems. Out of 37 applications from 18 countries and also from two international...

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Prague international conference on how to end immigration detention of children

27/09/2017 Prague

”The cost of alternatives is much lower than that of migration detention. In addition, alternatives are less dangerous than detention; for the children themselves, in terms of the harm that deprivation of liberty inevitably causes. They are also less dangerous for our societies; the message...

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US continues to support Cybercrime@Octopus

22/09/2017 Strasbourg

The United States Department of State has provided a new voluntary contribution of $500,000 (approximately €417,230) to the Council of Europe action against cybercrime. The US Department of State has contributed to the project Cybercrime@Octopus since 2014 and this additional contribution brings...

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Greece: anti-torture Committee criticises treatment of irregular migrants and the continued detention of migrant children

26/09/2017 Strasbourg

The report also criticises the situation of adult immigration detainees in Athens and Thessaloniki, and calls for determined action to tackle the problem of police ill-treatment. In the report, the CPT is critical about the treatment of foreign nationals in the “hotspots” on the Aegean islands....

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Venice Commission on Georgian draft Constitution

25/09/2017 Strasbourg

The Venice Commission of the Council of Europe has just published its new draft opinion on the draft Constitution of Georgia as adopted in the second reading in June 2017, as well as on the letter submitted by the Georgian authorities to the Venice Commission on 20 September 2017, in which they...

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Council of Europe anti-torture Committee publishes report on Slovenia


During the visit, the CPT’s delegation assessed progress made since previous visits and the extent to which the Committee’s recommendations had been implemented. Particular attention was paid to the treatment of and safeguards offered to persons deprived of their liberty by the police and the...

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New legal tool on electronic evidence: Council of Europe welcomes civil society opinion

18/09/2017 Strasbourg

In a “Global Civil Submission” handed to the Council of Europe today, European Digital Rights (EDRI), an association defending rights and freedoms online, has provided an opinion from civil society worldwide on the proposed protocol to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime. Alexander Seger, the...

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Presentation of a strategy for provision of healthcare in prison

14/09/2017 Sofia, Bulgaria

The Prison reform project "Support for the implementation of the European Court of Human Rights judgments and the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment standards and recommendations in Bulgaria (Prison Reform)" has reached an important...

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