Seminar on Social rights in the new socio-economic architecture of the European Union

Brussels 09/05/2017
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The seminar takes place at the Fondation universitaire and is organised by the Global College of Law, Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) under the scientific responsibility of Prof. Olivier De Schutter, Filip Dorssemont, Auriane Lamine and Marco Rocca.

The Seminar will provide an opportunity to discuss, in an academic setting conducive to a discussion conducted in accordance with Chatham House rules, whether the debate on the European Pillar of Social Rights could provide an opportunity to better connect EU socioeconomic governance tools (the European Semester, the 2012 « Fiscal Compact », the European Stability Mechanism in particular) to international human rights law, and particularly to the Council of Europe’s European Social Charter and to ILO instruments.

In addition to the programme of the Seminar, reference will be made inter alia to the following documents:

The following Council of Europe’s representatives will take part/contribute to the Seminar:  Mr Christos Giakoumopoulos, Director of Human Rights, DG-1; Ambassador Zoltan Taubner, Permanent Representative of the Council of Europe to the European Union; Mr Humbert de Biolley, Permanent Representation of the Council of Europe to the EU; Mr Riccardo Priore, Coordinator of the Turin process for the European Social Charter, DG-I. Other academic participants include: Olivier De Schutter, Paul Dermine, Elise Dermine, Filip Dorssemont, Daniel Dumont, Joanna Unterschuetz, Auriane Lamine, Klaus Loercher, Julie Ringelheim, Marco Rocca, Gilles Trudeau, Guido Van Limberghen.

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