CID (Centre for Intercultural Dialogue), "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"

National training course for educators on Human Rights

July 2012 "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"

Human Rights educators from both the formal education and youth work systems built closer co-operation and joint activities thanks to an informal network intending to enhance Human Rights Education at local and national levels. Training course Shools Cross-sector Human Rights Intercultural...

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Dínamo – Associação de Dinamização Sócio-Cultural, Portugal

We Stand for Human Rights!

2014 to 2016 Sintra, Portugal

This project was a cross-sectoral approach on the development of Human Rights Education in the Lisbon area. It saw a coordinated approach between civil society organisations, the formal education system and other stakeholders. It also translated the 2015 edition of Compass into Portuguese...

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Youth Association DRONI, Georgia

Play for PEACE

June 2016 Rustavi, Georgia

'Play for PEACE’ was an 8 day youth camp, with 30 young people from Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. It brought together young musicians to explore inclusion and non-violent communication through the medium of music, in order to spread messages of peace and make positive changes in their own lives...

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