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Human Rights

Human Rights

Human rights are one of the three core principles of the Council of Europe, along with democracy and the rule of law. They are commonly understood as inalienable and fundamental rights, to which a person is inherently entitled simply because she or he is a human being, regardless of nationality, location, language, religion, ethnic origin or sexual orientation. In Europe they are enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights, which protects more than 800 million people, living in every European country except Belarus.

Council of Europe videos on Human rights

Raise your hand against smacking!
1'00"Watch now
Your hands should nuture, not punish
15 July 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Artificial Intelligence could threaten your human rights!
0'30"Watch now
Rules to protect our rights should accompany technical developments
18 April 2018
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Open your mind - go beyond stereotypes!
1'40"Watch now
Teaching the facts about Roma people
8 April 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Open your mind - go beyond prejudice!
2'10"Watch now
Using a feline metaphor to dispel Roma stereotypes
8 April 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
New report says Europe's prison population is shrinking
3'57"Watch now
Report co-author Marcelo Aebi explains why
2 April 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
European Qualifications Passport for Refugees
3'25"Watch now
A new document to change someone's life for the better
28 March 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
1'30"Watch now
Study reveals widespread sexism and violence against women in parliaments
1 March 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Let's end gender inequality!
0'30"Watch now
Building a better world for women
1 March 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Abolition of the death penalty
0'40"Watch now
26 February 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
The Social Charter: Europe's Social Constitution
1'32"Watch now
Reinforcing the Charter through the Turin Process
14 July 2017
Filmmaster Productions Milan
Child friendly justice
3'45"Watch now
Children are not mini-people with mini-rights!
19 September 2011
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Human rights perspectives from Harry Wu
10'19"Watch now
Chinese campaigner spent 19 years in forced labour camps
22 November 2012
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Europe against torture!
0'30"Watch now
Ill-treatment is never justified under any circumstances
4 June 2013
Council of Europe Strasbourg
How two parents stopped corporal punishment in UK schools
19"00Watch now
Landmark human rights case saved millions of children from being “belted” by teachers
15 June 2015
Council of Europe Strasbourg


Guest videos on Human rights

Dear Santa....
1'13"Watch now
All I want for Christmas is acceptance
12 April 2017
Universidade Lusófona Lisbon
What are human rights?
9'30"Watch now
Human rights are not optional
16 October 2010
United for Human Rights Los Angeles
Human Rights
8'40"Watch now
Know your human rights
22 January 2011
WissensWerte Berlin
See Actions, not Colours
0'52"Watch now
Fighting against discrimination
23 April 2017
Universidade Lusófona Lisbon
Now he is just another refugee...
0'42"Watch now
Migrants are not so different from ourselves
24 April 2017
Universidade Lusófona Lisbon
We have more in common than we think
0'37"Watch now
Don't judge by appearances - they can be misleading
24 April 2017
Universidade Lusófona Lisbon
Stop to think why you hate them
1'16"Watch now
Understand a person before you judge them
28 March 2017
Universidade Lusófona Lisbon
When you don't exist...
2'10"Watch now
Migrants just want a normal life
10 September 2012
Amnesty International London

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