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Strasbourg (France) 31/05 - 01/06/2012
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Paintings of Dr Francine Mayran

Paintings of Dr Francine Mayran

The programme ''Passing on the Remembrance of the Holocaust and prevention of crimes against humanity: a cross-cutting approach'' of the Council of Europe in cooperation with the association ''Mémoires Vivantes de la Shoah'' organised an international conference entitled "Living memories of the Holocaust in contemporary society". The conference took place 31 May and 1 June 2012 in the Council of Europe premises in Strasbourg.

As the last witnesses of the Holocaust are disappearing, the aim of this conference was to make an account of what has already been transmitted to the second and third generation of Europeans since 1945 and identify the consequences of this unprecented event in today’s society. Different fields such as culture, theatre, cinema, international law, sociology, art, medicine and science were addressed as well as the field of human subjectivity.

A theatre piece (in French) entitled ''Pages de Garde'' by Pascale Lemler was shown on 31 May.

A theatre show took place at the Maillon on 31 May, called ''This is my father'' by Ilay den Boer (in French, English and Dutch) with Gert den Boer and Ilay den Boer.