Shortly after the Tbilisi Initiative was launched, the “Black Sea Initiative on History” was initiated by the Romanian authorities in 1999. It brought together history educators from seven countries bordering the Black Sea: Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, the Russian Federation, Turkey and Ukraine.

There were three parts to it:

  • a series of regional meetings of experts and seminars on different topics of interest to all the countries;
  • a network of schools in the region – two schools were involved from each of the countries with two partner schools in another of the countries and worked together on an archaeological site near the schools;
  • a teaching pack providing supplementary information on history of the Black Sea to which all the countries have contributed.

The Black Sea teaching pack was published by the Norwegian publishing house Gyldendal in 2004, thanks to important voluntary contribution of Norway.

Lessons learnt from this project also served as a basis for the development of activities in Cyprus.


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